SYLVANIAN FAMILIES - Cosy cottage Starter Home

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The house of the Sylvanian Families New Chocolate Rabbit 5054131052426 is a set that includes the house, the figure of the hare Mary and furniture with household appliances. The house is small and very comfortable, two-story. On the first floor, you can organize a kitchen-dining room, placing the kitchen, dining table, 2 chairs and a stool, which are included in the kit. On the second floor you can arrange a bedroom. For this, the set includes a bed with bedding - a mattress and a blanket. There is also a ladder, which is included in the kit. The overlap between the second and first floors is removable, two-sided. The house has no internal lighting. The rabbit is dressed in red polka-dot white dress with a white collar and frills. Clothing figures are removable, with a velcro closure, legs and head moving. 
Age:from 3 years old