Num Noms Dessert Tray Series 4

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Num Noms are a mix of cuteness and a pinch of surprise. Mix a Num and a Nom to make your own flavor mix. With so many fragrant combinations, the recipe is always perfect. Num Noms are the cutest mini dishes! And they smell SO delicious!

Mix and match Num Noms to make sweet, fragrant recipes! Collect 120 Num Noms in series 4!

Nums are fragrant and flexible figures with a unique personality. A Nom is a glitter lip gloss with a taste! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make more than 3,000 sweet-scented combinations.

  • Series 4: cookies, tarts, dairy and filled with cream 
  • 10 fragrant Nums (outside) in various flavors, including one surprise Num
  • Two fragrant Nom glitter lip gloss
  • Reuse the lunch box packaging as a storage case
  • With collective menu. Collect them all and look for the Num Noms from the special edition!