INJUSA - Diavolo Car

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  • Here is a superb wearer who will adapt to the growth of your child! 
    With its 9 different combinations the quad evolutive Diavolo Car offers your little player a multitude of opportunities to have fun. From 10 months, the Diavolo Car is a formidable rocker that sways with the cane parental. The child can also swing on his own. 

    From 12 months, turn the Diavolo Car into a trotter that you run with the cane parent. Thanks to its 360 ° swivel wheels maneuvers are greatly facilitated. For the best safety of the child, keep the safety net. As soon as the child gains stability he uses the Diavolo Car as a trotter to take his first steps.

    Only from 16 months, the child can propel himself with his feet. Here again the safety net provides your little one with optimal security. 

    At 2 years old, the child is old enough to use the Diavolo Car in trotter mode without safety. Finally, the steering wheel is removed and becomes an electronic toy that your child can take with him everywhere. 

    Technical characteristics:

    - Recommended age: From 10 months up to 3 years 
    - Dimensions: 62.5 x 35 x 97 cm 
    - Weight: 7 kg 
    - Maximum weight supported: 25 kg 
    - 9 different combinations 
    - 360 ° swivel wheels 
    - Steel cane 
    - harness and roll bar 
    - protective 
    hood - removable bag
    - Handlebar lock when the beam is fixed