Goliath - Filou Chiptou

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Filou Chiptou tries to make a hand on the chicken coop Fortunately, this fox is so clumsy that he often takes his feet in his pants! Roll the dice to find out how many hens Filou Chiptou tries to steal and put them in his pockets! To want to fill his pockets too much, he will eventually lose his pants and end up in underpants leaving the hens escape! Quickly, catch and save 5 hens by placing them in your hen house to win the game! 

Filou Chiptou was voted Toy of the Year and Grand Prix of the Toy 2016 in the category Child Game. 

Package Contents:
- 1 Chiptou Filou 
- 21 Chickens 
- 4 Chicken Coopers 
- 1 Die 
- 1 Board Stickers 
- 1 Rule of the Game

Duration: 15 min + - Number of Players: 2-4 - Age: 4+