CRAYOLA Picture Perfect

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With Picture Perfect can draw almost anything you want! Quite simply an image and even 3D objects, such as make a favorite toy, the tray provided. Through the viewfinder look, the original is now projected on the paper, so you can easily emerge. Now just imagine. And WOW! Done! The kit contains: Picture Perfect, 1 pencil, 6 short crayons, 5 wallpapers, 5 sheets (blank).


  • Crayola Sketch Wizard Give kids the power to draw exactly what they see with crayola sketch wizard.
  • Unlike other tracing devices, the sketch wizard enables children to draw from 2-d and 3-d objects, as well as images from smartphones and tablets.
  • This set includes everything you need to start sketching and coloring your creations, including a graphite pencil, colored pencils, starter sheets, and blank sheets.
  • Designed especially for children ages 8 to 12, the sketch wizard folds