Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

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A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms. To create your own flavor fusion, mix a Num and a Nom. It's a recipe for sweetness with so many scented combos. Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And they smell SO delicious! Give your nails a scent-sational manicure with the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker. Mix your own scented nail polish with strawberry, blueberry, banana nail polish and glitter! Create your own scented colors, like Straw-Nana Pink! Perfect for sharing with friends!
  • Num Noms Nail Polish Maker includes everything you need for a custom scented manicure!
  • Choose a color/flavor, add glitter, mix it all up, and polish it! 
  • One Nail Polish base, three Nail Polish Flavors (strawberry, blueberry and banana), glitter, press-on nails, nail stickers, two finger rests that double as booth seats for your Num Noms.
  • One Special Edition, Scented Num: Heavenly Froyo
  • Three Nail Polish bottle Noms. 
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