CRAYOLA Cling Creator

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Create unique works of art to hang around your home with the Crayola Cling Creator. It makes 20 different customized clings for plenty of variety. The Crayola creator makes it possible for children to create their own personal molds. It comes with five double sided molds as well as four color mixing pots. The Crayola cling set has a cool color mixing feature that offers even more creative possibilities. Children will love making their own personal pieces of art and displaying them prominently on the windows. The creation process takes just 15 minutes and the finished product is ready to be put up and shown off.

Crayola Cling Creator, Kids Activity Kit, Custom Window Clings

  • Makes up to 20 customized clings
  • Enables cool color mixing and effects
  • Quick, easy process; 15 minutes total
  • Ability for kids to make their own mold designs
  • Gender neutral arts and crafts; great for both boys and girls
  • Contents: Base Unit with clay mold, 1 clay smoothing tool, 1 de-molding/drawing tool, 10 molds/5 double-sided molds, 4 mixing pots, 3 color mixing tubes, 6 finishing tubes