5 toys that will completely wipe away your child's addiction to tablets and smart phones.

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While there is a lot of value kids can get from being involved and active in the digital world and by using tablets and smartphones. Being pinned to the screens of those digital items for hours every single day is definitely not healthy. Overuse can lead to some serious issues like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Simply taking away the tablet will not work because your kids will feel they are being punished becuase they are having fun! No matter how hard you explain it, it will not make sense.

An excellent solution would be to replace the tablets and smartphones with something equally engaging, highly interesting, and (most importantly) time consuming. We've identified the top 5 toys that can have your children willingly put the digital world behind them and for a few hours a day act the way they really should.... like kids.

When the team and I were preparing the below list, we wanted to make sure that every toy we list provides at least one or more of the following values:

- One on one Parent & Child quality time
- Challenges the child's imagination 
- Teaches a new skill or subject
- Keeps players busy for a long period of time

And so, here are the top 5 toys that will help your children escape from the dangers of the digital life:

Snakes & Ladders: Remember this classic master piece we couldn't get enough of when we were kids? Well, the game is building hype again as many parents are buying it for their kids. This game is labeled for ages 3+ and can definitely join the whole family together for some exciting time.

Kapla: If there is one toy we would recommend for parents looking to build their children's imagination, skills and get them busy for hours. A Kapla toy set would win the choice award by miles. We're talking about simple wooden pieces that do not cause any mess, won't ever break and will bring out the little architect in your kid! Just tell your child "Build mommy a nice house" and enjoy 30 minutes of freedom while your little einstein builds away.

Bicycle: Nothing says put that iPad down and go outside like a few hours on a bicycle. The weather right now is just perfect for the whole family to enjoy a sunny day out while the kids exercise their muscles. The best part is, a day out on the bicycle will get your kids so tired they'll sleep early for once! Who doesn't want that!?

Découvertes au Microscope: This sometimes underrated toy is worth it's weight in Gold. It's another set that you can give to you kids to fumble with while you go and do what ever chorse you have for a couple of hours. Your kids will get busy exploring different day to day items under the microscope and enrich their curiosity all at once. Good luck trying to explain why sugar looks so weird when zoomed at! 

CRAYOLA Color Wonder: We all know the magical powers of giving children a paper and a pen and telling them "draw". Well the magic is doubled up with this set because the colors included are mess-free! The coloring pens in Color Wonder sets will only color on the special papers that comes along (refills are available too). So you do not have to worry about your little Picassos coloring all over the furniture. The set has a magical stamp that allows your kids to explore mixing different colors together. Talk about boosting that creativity to the max.

There you have it, our 5 carefully selected toys to help your kids get over the terrible digital addiction. 

To learn more about each toy, simply click on it's title :)

Have a great week ahead!

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